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The Snake in my N.Y.C. Stovetop

For awhile, an adult corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) that I was too pre-occupied and un-prepared to contain, took up residence under the burners on my stovetop. I found that I could actually use the oven with the snake still living on top of it and under the topper and hot coils. I would have to peek in and make sure that the snake was not in a vulnerable position at the time of the oven switching on.

Corn snake was re-homed, to a loving family, my brother Matthew Wasserman and my sister in law, Erin Gregory Wasserman took him in. Matthew named him Poppy which was a two part reference; 1) corn->pop-corn->pop->Poppy, 2) After our soft-spoken grandfather Dr. Stanley Braun, whom we called Poppy.

"Poppy ate a mouse today" "Poppy is going to shed" "Poppy is enjoying himself in the backyard today"

Think about it...


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