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How to keep bones from getting lost in beetle

Joseph Mandrell (Department of Exhibitions, Field Museum of Natural History) operates a jeweler's saw. I wanted to know how to make armature and a base to mount a beaver skeleton. Here, Joe is demonstrating how to begin a base.

jewelers saw

These are some very useful products to buy if you're working with ethafoam



Square point knife 6'' $20.95 #969-23212

Square point knife 4'' $18.05 #969-23211

Pottery knife $26.45 #969-23220

Knife sharpener $21.20 #969-2325025

Ethafoam sheets 2x $166.00 23x29x.25'' #019-232913

Ethafoam planks $177.75 12x24x2'' #020-12242

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