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Principles of Biology Laboratory I 


Ppt. 2018

Texts and other materials

One of the coolest subjects there is. 

E. coli cells acquire superpowers after taking up plasmids from the environment. 

Beta galactosidase, the lac operon and fruitilicious flies all come together here

Lot's of division is happening... right now!

Key to membrane and cell function

With a focus on bacteria

Use microscopes and determine the aquatic origins of three biodiversity profiles. 

Demonstration of safe microscope handling by a Yeshiva College Student

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January 01, 2020

Actually, it's more than supplemental, it is essential! This is the HeLa cell karyotype excercise protocol and background.

For when your hard copy is away on vacation

I occasionally begin a lecture with a few snapshots of good examples to follow. Format varies. I try to make my presentations uniform but sometimes professional development comes first. Would like to say, "Hello, I'm evolving" but... a little hung up on the grand definition of, "evolution" which includes "descent with modification". An individual is able to modify but is not able to descend. Speaking only from personal experience.

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