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Zoology Lecture and Lab 

Spring 2017

Slides n' Assignments n' Such

Powerpoints modified from McGraw Hill teaching aids.

No copyright claims to images.


Increasingly familiar territory


Insects rule

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Crunchy and often pinchy

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Trilobites, Chelicerates and Myriopods

Some call them "bugs"

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Small, soft and rather unusual

Planarians and more

It's what's in the bathroom

Single Celled Eukaryotes (Protozoans)

Tiny, tiny, tiny animals

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How to make sense of it all

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Sample Exam


In case you are interested

Lightning Talks (Spring, 2017)

Presenation Criteria

Lab Report Portfolio

(final project)

All Lecture Quizzes

Cnidaria Assignment (Fall, 2016)

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