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Gator time! In Westwego, Louisiana

I was out collecting fish for my small online aquatics business and I decided to film some gator action! In the top video, one is coming over to me which is not safe for the gator or for people. I threw plants at it and explained why it should be wary of humans. "Problem" gators are lucky to be tolerated for long. Few are re-located and many are shot because that's the easiest and safest way to get rid of them. So, avoid giving gators reasons to be comfortable around humans <-generally a good approach to enjoying these awesome animals that by the way, nearly went extinct once.

The same night, I saw a bigggg beautiful gator that I'd been warned about A LOT. I'd always politely accepted the warning without feeling concerned. I scan the water a lot and I'm never too far from being ready to make a run-hop for a cement wall with a metal rail to it. I also like to sit and observe the watershed for awhile before engaging with it. Anyway, here is that big, 8+ foot animal that after four or five nights without seeing it and only hearing about it, I got to see and appreciate. PS. Maybe someday I'll invest in a go-pro or something but probably wont. I carry enough stuff.


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