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Final Days at the Field Museum

The time for me to leave Chicago is approaching. Chicago... a city that used to irritate me but that I've come to love. I moved here solely to work in the Field Museum of Natural History. The rest of the city was noise. At first. But something changed. I got used to the noise and then I started to LIKE the noise!

I'm already feeling heartsick, especially at the thought of parting with the museum. For the past year, this place has been Home. There's no question that I spent more time here than my own apartment. I keep a toothbrush, shampoo, shoes and clothing in my locker. I have bookshelves and cabinets in the herpetology offices and labs. I know the security guard rotation and the name of every exhibit.

I've been working here 7 days a week to support my habit which is articulating skeletons (5 days for pay, 2 days for pleasure). I work Thursday through Sunday for the Guest Relations Department, selling admissions tickets in the lobby. On Tuesdays and Wednsdays, I arrive in plainclothes and descend two levels below ground to chip away at projects under the supervision of Alan Resetar, Herpetology Collections Manager. I already feel sad little pangs thinking about no longer being able to talk to Alan all the time. I'll miss seeing Bob Inger and Tom Anton, and having coffee and lunch with Fui Lian Tan. I'll miss these halls, the stairwells and the smells. I'll miss the collections (naturally). I'll also miss Sue, the looming tyrannosaurus in the photo below. I know that I'm moving onward and upward with this next opportunity (M.S. Biology program, Southeastern Louisiana University) and I expect to return in a few months to collect data but I'm still allowed to feel a little sad aren't I? I'm so lucky so have nothing but fond memories of this beautiful place...

Snapple Fact! --> Biologist friends make for excellent tour groups.....Left to right: Amy Miller (Purdue), Author, Nick LaBonte (Purdue), Miles Comiskey (Lane Tech College Prep), Nahdia Ahmed (Brookfield Zoo) and Antti Rousi (Aalto University). !Cecilia! !LaBonte! (Purdue) must be taking the picture.

Walking my friends through one of the massive rooms where some of the museum's zoological collections are housed. We're looking at marine invertebrates.

Showing off a little (handiwork).

Showing off a lot (more handiwork).

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